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The culture in an organization is comparable to the DNA in an organism. It has a crucial impact on the sustainable and healthy development and performance of a system.
The way an organization acts, perceives, thinks and feels is, to a considerable extent, determined by its corporate culture, its leadership culture and its ability to change. Detailed knowledge about these factors and the application of the proper tools will enable you to further develop your organization in a targeted way.
In this context, analysing these complex systems poses a big challenge. We put the focus on a consistent, systemic and constructivist approach. To obtain a thorough understanding of your organization at all levels we use REP:GRID, a scientifically approved, tried and tested instrument for the measurement of complex patterns of thinking, perception and behaviour. As experts in this field, we will support you with shaping your organization according to your wishes and requirements.

Our focus:


  • - Analysis and targeted change of your corporate culture
  • - Successful establishment of a corporate culture
  • - Professional implementation of change management processes

Corporate culture is the interaction of beliefs, values, morale, behaviour and the climate in an organization. This process is not only substantially influenced by the artefacts perceived externally, but rather by the unconscious and implicit factors. Cultures and values are highly complex systems which can develop very differently in the individual divisions of an organization (so-called subcultures). Over many years these social systems gather completely different experience. They realize which actions have positive consequences and which have a negative effect. So, a culture is developing deep in the minds and hearts of all employees over a long period of time.
Analysing and understanding these factors, most of which are hidden and/or unconscious, is a big challenge. We will support you with state-of-the-art analysis methods and a wealth of practical experience in this area. Based on the insights gained in this process, the desired culture and change architecture will be defined and developed. Our efficient and sustainable implementation and subsequent measurement of success will, last but not least, make your cultural change a success.

Steps towards cultural change:

  • Detailed analysis of the current situation by means of scientific, tried and tested methods
  • Definition of the desired organizational culture
  • Definition of a change architecture and strategy
  • Appreciation of the past and development of an open attitude towards new ideas
  • Development of a new identification and new group cohesion
  • Enabling individual and collective success stories
  • Development and establishment of guiding principles
  • Change of general conditions
  • Controlling of the change process


Change management means embedding sustainable change in the way all employees think and act.
In order to cope with the ever growing complexity and dynamics of markets and society organizations are forced to continuously adapt to change. Consequently, organizations, executive staff, teams and employees have to bid farewell to established procedures and patterns of thinking. However, not everybody is willing and able to continuously challenge themselves and adjust to new circumstances and situations. Hence, organizations are often slow to adapt in times of change and, as a result, have a negative impact on motivation, productivity and, last but not least, profitability.
To minimize this friction loss we offer you our professional support. We assist you with competent advice, coaching, seminars, multiple methods and implementable concepts to make your change project a success. We carry out highly informative change diagnoses, define a change architecture together with you and support you by means of an implementation management to make sure that your change process is successful.

Our competence is your benefit:

  • Speedy and efficient implementation of new strategies in all areas of the organization
  • Development and establishment of uniform processes, structures and responsibilities in the organization
  • Overcoming internal resistance
  • Creation and further development of your corporate culture / leadership culture
  • Smooth implementation of new business models or systems
  • Enhancement of staff motivation, identification and support of change processes
  • Establishment of effective communication processes


Leadership is an organization’s control mechanism, seen from inside it is the decisive factor affecting the success or failure of your organization. By implementing a professional, sustainable leadership culture you create the setting for high motivation, performance and target orientation among your staff.
The leadership culture in an organization can be illustrated using the well-known iceberg model. The smaller portion represents the visible elements, for instance leadership tools, decision-making processes, executive tasks and many more. The far bigger and more influential portion comprises the invisible elements, for example implicit authority concepts, assumptions regarding success factors of leadership work, the concept of man in HR, unconscious patterns of perception and assessment and many more.
A professional leadership culture brings corporate objectives, people and resources in sync with the current general conditions. It enables leaders to ensure entrepreneurial success. However, this definitely requires an established leadership culture and high personal leadership competence from all leaders. With our wealth of experience and the right methods we support on your way towards this objective.

Our support for your successful leadership:

  • Detailed analysis of the current situation by means of scientific, tried and tested methods
  • Definition and implementation of professional leadership principles
  • Training and coaching for executive staff at all levels, from team leaders to executive managers
  • Introduction of a measuring system for successful leadership



Analysing cultures, in concrete terms, means measuring perceptions, patterns of thinking, opinions, values and beliefs in organizations. To map a complex system, you need a method which is capable of identifying and displaying the required complexity. In addition, it must be ensured that it is free of any outside influence.

To meet these ambitious demands we apply the scientifically approved instrument REP:GRID a product of SOFISTIQ International. REP:GRID is able to capture complex systems such as organizational or leadership structures, display them graphically and analyse them semantically and also numerically. Hence, this method provides the management with very clear and detailed information for decision-making.

ADVANTAGES of the REP:GRID analysis

  • results are available very soon
  • open in terms of content, i.e. the interviewer has no influence
  • can be individually adjusted and used in many analysis environments
  • high acceptance among interviewees
  • brilliant visual presentation of results
  • multilingual: interviews can be made in desired languages
  • multimedia: surveys can be carried out personally, on the phone or via mobile devices
  • results can be anonymized
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Repertory Grids shows the value system of individuals, so to speak their perception of the world, by means of characteristic properties of defined circumstances and situations, objects or persons. As the data is collated without any outside influence, the analysis of group information often reveals a new understanding of the topic being investigated, new structures and connections appear and open up new perspectives. The major benefit of the Repertory Grid approach in comparison with other analysis methods is the prompt availability of meaningful information.

The data is collected by means of qualitative interviews whose outcomes are analysed individually or presented as an overall picture. The collective patterns obtained provide valuable information in terms of content. They can determine the corporate culture, the leadership culture, the existing value pattern at all levels of the organization. They visualize opinions and trends of perception and can reflect the perspective of each individual interest group: of the management, executives, staff, employees in individual areas of the organization, of men/women, young/old employees, and of course also the customers’ perspective.  



Owner of BRIX Company-Culture-Development and BRIX Coaching & Training
Systemic Management Coach SMC® / Business Coach of Neue Hamburger Schule
Certified expert in organizational diagnostics: REP:GRID®
HR manager in an international corporation
Lecturer at Europa-Universität Flensburg (International HR Management)
Degree in business administration - HR-Management


Systemic Management Coach SMC® / Business Coach of Neue Hamburger Schule
Integral Business Coach - Coaching Center Berlin
Certified expert in organizational diagnostics: REP:GRID®
Organizational Development Specialist in an international corporation
Degree in psychology (Dipl. Psychologin)


Owner of CorporateWork - Institut für nachhaltige Kompetenzentwicklung, Hamburg
Systemic Management Coach (SMC)®
Systemic Team Coach (STC)
Management trainer
Degree in occupational pedagogics with focus on HR (Dipl. Pädagoge)


Owner of Ost-West Aktiv Consulting
Lecturer at Belarus State University (Minsk)
Chief economist at the Ministry of Economic Affairs of the Republic of Belarus
Consultant at the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Belarus
Degree in business administration (Master of Arts)


Owner of Dyring Consulting
Experienced in Global HR
Cross-cultural trainer and facilitator
Mobility expert
Organizational consultant
Facilitator and trainer in global leadership and global mind-set
Degree in Chinese Language and Literature (Master od Arts)


Owner of JBigum Consulting
Experienced executive manager and management consultant
Experienced executive coach
Change Management expert
Global Mentoring Programs expert
Talent and succession management
Strong concept developer and pragmatic implementer
Bachelor's degree in Philosophy, Religious Studies and German Languages
Certified NLP Trainer


We provide professional support in all relevant change topics:

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  • Development of mission statements
  • Corporate Identity
  • Organizational development
  • Reorganization
  • Strategy Renewal/Implementation
  • Change management
  • Changing values
  • Internationalization
  • Executive training
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Performance optimization
  • Relocation
  • HR management
  • Post-merger integration
  • Management coaching
  • Health management
  • Market-oriented new orientation
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